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As a teacher, I became accustomed to having an instructor website where I could house things to share with students and colleagues—and to have a place where I knew where things were, too!  Such is my new digital purse here. 

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Mindfulness – Audrey Perkins

Swing & a Ms.

Through sharing my favorite go-to resources and ponderings, my aspiration is to help take a little edge off of some of the angst of being human. Maybe help create more ease.  I’m also able to store music (and radio) history and samples and information with anyone who might be interested.  May you fully inhabit, enjoy, and be at ease with this short, rich life!

Swing and a Ms. is working with the recording of the Best Cellar set from February 2016, which turned out really well!  Click here to check it out!

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Bob Stahl

A Legacy of Kindness (65:28)

Corvallis Classes

You might check out these two classes coming up (as well as the yoga!) through Corvallis Parks and Rec at Chintimini Senior and Community Center. 

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Mindful Awareness & Meditation